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Warszawa nieznana

Top 10 in Warsaw to see

Are you planning to visit the capital of Poland but you don’t know what to see and where to go? Don’t worry! Visiting Warsaw can be a real challenge but with our list of the TOP 10 tourist attractions you will make the most of your trip. Before going on a journey you...
Warsaw Mermaid on the Main Square

10 facts you (probably) didn’t know about Warsaw

1. The life expectancy in the 19th century in Warsaw was around 30 years (OMG! I should already be dead!). These days, we live much longer – women : 81 years and men : 75 years (Ufff…, I still have time).   2. Warsaw is sometimes called the Phoenix city because it was...
Warsaw tram

Public transportation in Warsaw (bus, metro, train, tram) – prices and guide how to use it

The capital of Poland, like other cities in Europe, has extensive transport network. More than 1500 buses, 400 trams, 40 underground trains and 20 city trains runs daily connecting suburbs and the city centre. Read our short guide about public transportation in Warsaw. TARIFFS...

How to get to the Warsaw city centre from the Chopin Airport

Frederick Chopin Airport is located only 8 kilometres from the city centre. It is well connected by buses and trains. For the most demanding we recommend private transfer. Here are practical tips how to get easily from the Warsaw main airport to the city centre. PUBLIC TRANSPORT...
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