Baltic Sea

TOP 6 places to visit at the Baltic Sea

The holiday season, this moment we’ve all been waiting for all year, has come. It’s high time to plan your summer vacation and choose the best travel destination. Whether you are looking for a hassle free place to stay, you want to explore new cities or just recharge your batteries lying on the beach, we encourage you to consider the Baltic Sea coast, one of the most incredible locations in the country which attracts millions of visitors each year. Have a look at our list of the best Baltic resorts you should see at least once in a lifetime. TRICITY: Gdańsk, Gdynia, Sopot You can discover these 3 beautiful cities by taking part in our Tricity tour. Three sister cities: Gdańsk, Gdynia and Sopot create an urban complex called Tricity – or Trójmiasto in Polish. Each of...
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Wawel Castle, Krakow

Places in Poland that foreigners love visiting

Is Poland an attractive country to visit? Definitely yes! Foreigners love Poland! In 2014 our country welcomed more than 16 million tourists from all over the world and proved to be one of the most interesting travel destinations on the globe. Today we will try to answer two important questions: Where do these crowds of tourists come from? and Which places are, in their opinion, the most interesting and worth seeing? Let’s start with… Japanese tourists who love Chopin Despite the fact that the distance from Poland to Japan is more than 8000 km, the number of Japanese travelers in our country is gradually increasing. Each year Poland attracts around 50 000 travels from this “country of cherry blossoms”. The Japanese’ favorite place in Poland is Żelazowa...
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PZU Maraton Warszawski

Amazing Polish festivals and events 2016

Amazing Polish festivals and events 2016! We have prepared a list of the TOP 3 most interesting Polish events 2016. If you’re planning a visit in our country we suggest that you build your trip around one of these memorable parties. Here you will find something for everyone!   38th PZU Warsaw Marathon Running a marathon? We love this idea! And that is why we invite you to take part in the 38th edition of PZU Warsaw Marathon – one of the most exciting events that any of us can experience. When? PZU Warsaw Marathon, the largest and the oldest running competitions in Poland, will be held in around 130 days, the 25th of September. This event takes place every year on the last weekend of September and gains high popularity among the people from different countries. Where? Warsaw...
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Warszawa nieznana

Top 10 in Warsaw to see

Are you planning to visit the capital of Poland but you don’t know what to see and where to go? Don’t worry! Visiting Warsaw can be a real challenge but with our list of the TOP 10 tourist attractions you will make the most of your trip. Before going on a journey you should know that: Warsaw has existed for more than 700 years Before the WWII our city was called the “Paris of the East” Warsaw was almost totally destroyed and then rebuilt twice in its history: during the Swedish occupation in the 17th century and after the Uprising 1944 In 1980 the Old Town was inscribed on the UNESCO’s World Heritage list   Check here our propositions of Warsaw city tours and take a look at our overview of the best places to visit in Warsaw:   Palace of Culture...
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